Delta updates for electron apps

Provide blazing fast update experience for your users. It reduces the bandwidth usage by 90%. Users download only the delta. It uses binary diffing (HDiffPatch) to generate the delta.

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It's an electron-builder plugin


True delta updates

@electron-delta/builder uses binary diffing instead of blockmaps of electron-builder. Thus the delta size is a lot smaller. Basically whatever you have changed is shipped to the user.

  • Uses binary diffing
  • Do more releases
  • Faster update experience

Save bandwidth cost

If you have 1000 active users and everyone downloads 40 MB for each release and you do 2 releases/week then total bandwidth consumption for a month would be (40 MB x 4 x 2) x 1000 Users = ~312 GB .


One time payment. I have spent nearly two years building this solution. 14 days money back guarantee.

Star both the repos @electron-delta/builder @electron-delta/updater for 25% discount and Contact me with your github username

For open source apps
$0 / Lifetime
Perfect for open source applications. Non commercial usage
  • Non commercial usage
  • Lifetime free
  • Support through github issues
Professional Single Product - PERPETUAL
$199 / Lifetime
Perfect for indie dev.
  • Single electron app
  • Solo developer
  • Priority support
Small Org Single Product - PERPETUAL
$799 / Lifetime
Perfect for early-stage startups.
  • Integration help
  • Single electron app
  • Org less than 10 people
  • Priority support for 1 year
Enterprise Single Product - PERPETUAL
$1,999 / Lifetime
For enterprise customers
  • Free Integration with your electron app
  • Single electron app
  • For Org more than 10 people
  • Shared Slack channel
  • Priority support for 1 year
Use in your SDK - PERPETUAL
$3,999 / Lifetime
For adding it to multiple electron apps
  • Free Integration
  • Unlimited electron apps
  • Shared Slack channel
  • Priority support for 2 year

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It's being deployed in production with thousands of users and running smoothly. The delta update mechanism based on the blockmap approach uses a very good amount of bandwidth. The binary diffing approach works better and downloads only the diff, generally less than 1MB to update the app.


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